We are KK agency, experts at solving marketing challenges here and now, in real time. We pay attention to the smallest details and have a colourful view of today’s grey faced business world.

Our Services and Mission

We help companies and individuals who want to create better products and services for the world around them. Everybody deserves a customized approach based on the right human values. We build customer trust in our carefully tailor-made personal relationships. Our team always creates masterpieces that meet the current and future marketing needs of our customers. When something is good right now, it can be even better tomorrow. Constantly moving forward in marketing is our journey. There is always a way to perfect things. Can we help you?

About Us

We are a funky marketing agency of the current millennium – we listen to our customers and together with them we create solutions tailored specifically to suit their needs by using a positive approach supported by the latest trends with a focus on personalization, detail, efficiency and output quality. We do all this in real time with a strong emphasis on corporate social responsibility.

What We Do

Event Management

Personal and Commercial Brand Building

Online Marketing


KK agency s.r.o.
Rybná 716/24, Old Town, 110 00 Prague 1
M: +420 720 61 77 74 @: hello@kkagency.eu